Two Helping Hands by Abby Owen


Navy tshirt with white silk screening

Gilden 6400 Adult Eurofit (sleeker fit in shoulders and sleeves) 

100% cotton ringspun

Preshrunk jersey knit 

 S - XXL

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Additional Info

Abby Owen

  For my T-shirt design, I wanted to make something simple but also pleasing to the eye, and a design that people would actually want to wear on a shirt.

I choose to draw two hands holding a little house in them. The hands represent the community of Washburn, the students and staff. The house represents things we can do to help homeless youth, like resources, moral support, and a place to stay and sleep with safety. The drawing of the house doesn't necessarily mean that Washburn is just giving housing out to people, but they can help them through the process by donations and just support during the transition of finding a safe place to stay. My goals for my design overall was to make a design that's simple and nice to look at, and a shirt that people would not only wear once in their lives, but something stylish and simple.