Growth by Yesenia Villanueva Dominguez


Navy tshirt with white silk screening

Gilden 6400 Adult Eurofit (sleeker fit in shoulders and sleeves) 

100% cotton ringspun

Preshrunk jersey knit 

 S - XXL

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Yesenia Villanueva Dominguez


The goal of this piece is to give people the power to help those around them or to even just give hope that there's people out there willing to help. It's important to know that there's people who can understand your situation, any situation actually. From lack of determination to not having enough support. It can be hard to speak up but, you can help yourself by simply asking for someone to listen to you. We can see that there's a hand holding a flower, the hand is supposed to be support (a home) and the flower is the individual with a troubled situation in life. The hand is also holding the flower up to the sun rays, the sun rays representing positivity and hope. All together, find a home within people one trusts. These people can help to the best of their abilities in order for the individual to continue growing with determination.