Different Faces by Ella Endo


Navy tshirt with white silk screening

Gilden 6400 Adult Eurofit (sleeker fit in shoulders and sleeves) 

100% cotton ringspun

Preshrunk jersey knit 

 S - XXL

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Additional Info

Ella Endo

My ink design is a representation of the multiple different faces that embody people who are homeless and in need. In the middle is the stereotype of a homeless person, and around him are two everyday teens that seem normal on the outside but share similar difficulties in their lives. My main goal is to communicate that appearances don't tell a whole story, and to raise awareness for people who aren't informed about the relevant problems with teen homelessness. There are so many teens that don't have a permanent home, supportive income, or many basic needs in life that surround us everyday. Through my art, I hope to influence people to help in any way and become more mindful of the struggle of homelessness for local youth.