Box and Birds by Ivie Hanson


Navy tshirt with white silk screening

Gilden 6400 Adult Eurofit (sleeker fit in shoulders and sleeves) 

100% cotton ringspun

Preshrunk jersey knit 

 S - XXL

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lvie  Hanson

 In this piece I used positive and negative shapes to contrast two seperate objects/ things. I used juxtaposition between the box and he birds because they are very different, when it comes to the use for them and what they symbolize/ or do. My goals for this project was to find a deeper meaning to the subject the this project (homeless youth). The message I'm trying to communicate in this piece is that you will find your home. The box symbolizes as the homelessness they are facing because when you think of someone that is homeless you think of a box. The birds symbolize the homeless youth flying to their home which is why there is a compass pointing South.