A World As A Home by Antony Machado


Navy tshirt with white silk screening

Gilden 6400 Adult Eurofit (sleeker fit in shoulders and sleeves) 

100% cotton ringspun

Preshrunk jersey knit 

 S - XXL

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Antony Machado

A world as a home

My intent for the artwork was to bring thoughts about how your home can be your world and how the world can be your home. and to juxtapose the stigmas of homelessness especially in the homeless youth. I decided to sketch a house as basically as I could while making it 30. I then went over it with ink to get a flowy yet solid feeling. this also added contrast as the dark ink made the white on the paper really pop. For the globe on top of the house I decided to make it 20. to blend in more with the background and have the house stand out. I wanted this effect to bring out the house in the peace because I believe a home is very important because it allows you a place to rest and recharge.